Materials suitable for laser processing

Laser engraving is a process that accurately engraves or cuts a wide range of materials. Using laser technology, materials such as wood, acrylic, rubber, plastic and many more can be precisely engraved or cut.

Laser engraving is particularly useful for product personalization, as it allows intricate, high-precision designs to be engraved on materials of various shapes and sizes. It is also very useful for cutting materials, allowing precise shapes to be cut in materials such as wood or plastic.

Laser engraving is a fast and precise process, which offers many possibilities for customization and material cutting. If you need to engrave or cut materials precisely and quickly, laser engraving is the ideal solution!

  • Acrylique transparent


    Acrylic is available in several colors. Its laser engraving and cutting is highly precise.

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  • Bois plaqué chêne

    Veneered wood

    Wood veneer with MDF core. Several veneers and thicknesses available.

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  • Bois massif noyer

    Solid wood

    High quality laser engraving and cutting.

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  • Caoutchouc pour tampon


    Generally used for stamp making.

  • Contreplaqué peuplier


    Economical and precise laser engraving and cutting.

  • Cuir


    Fine laser engraving and cutting on natural leather.

  • Liège naturel


    Natural product for precise laser cutting and high contrast engraving.

  • Panneau MDF


    Fast and precise cutting.

  • Mousse PE

    PE foam

    Convenient for the design of protective foam in a case. For individual parts.

  • Papier


    Business card, announcement. The cutting of the paper is precise.

  • Pierre


    Engraving possible on marble, granite and ceramic.

  • Plaque plastique bleu


    Ideal for making signage, badges.

  • Tissus


    Treatment by laser engraving on cotton, silk, felt, denim and polyester.

  • Verre


    Incredibly delicate and precise engraving.

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