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Family mailbox plate - Personalized

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Plaque for mailbox personalized with all the members of your family. Have visible but also aesthetic signage. Enhance your mailbox with our characters that will match your family members.

Our plate are directly engraved and not printed, so there is no risk of wear, and that the names fade. In addition, the plate is supplied with a professional adhesive delivered directly to the back.

Dimension: 60 x 80 mm with a thickness of 0.8mm
Material: UV and weather resistant plastic material.


Use the characters available in the photos to match them with your family.

Example :
The Aries family
- (9) Mary
- (3) Olive tree
- (13) Lea
- (7) Dylan


Product length: 80 mm

Product width: 60 mm


Sent by a small company based in France.

Delivery times: 3-7 days


Material(s) used: Acrylic