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Pharmacist badge with caduceus - Personalized

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Our engraved pharmacist badge is the perfect way to quickly identify your profession and name. Made of premium plastic, our badge is sturdy and weather resistant. It does not rust and is easy to clean.

The engraving of your name and profession is precise and of high quality, ensuring perfect legibility.

Our badge is easy to attach thanks to its back clip that adapts to most clothes. It allows you to be quickly identifiable by your clients and colleagues and to proudly show off your profession.

Order our engraved badge for pharmacist now and display your profession in a professional way!



Indicate the first name + profession in the "Add your personalization" box.


The badge is supplied with a pin or magnetic hook on the back.
Size: 70 x 25mm


Product length: 70 mm

Product width: 25 mm


Sent by a small company based in France.

Delivery times: 3-7 days


Material(s) used: Two-layer acrylic